Book Benches !


artist : One Red Shoe (Fiona and Neil Osborne)

I love the thought of reading here, in one of these Book Benches !  One more reason to love London and the United Kingdom …

What’s your favourite? Personally, I would like to sit on the Neverwhere Benchon The Lion, The Witch  and The Wardrobe Benchand on the Around the World in Eighty Days Bench … The Mrs. Dalloway Bench is really beautiful, I think. And what about the Peter Pan Bench, near San Paul’s Cathedral, right there to welcome you back to Neverland ?! I think this has been a fantastic initiative. I wish to see something similar here in Italy. And, why not, I would like to built my own book bench.  An Harry Potter Bench ! A Lord of the Rings Bench ! Amazing. I’m dreaming with my eyes wide open…


artist : Laura Elizabeth Bolton


artist : Valerie Osment